Done For You Services System Review – A Course by Ariella Iorio and Wesley Virgin

Welcome to my Done For You Services System Review.

This is a new course created by Ariella Iorio and Wesley Virgin that has gained a lot of hype lately. If you are wondering whether this course works, you have come to the right place because I will break it down for you what it’s all about and how it works.

Done For You Services System Review Summary

Name: Done For You Services System (DFYSS)
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course and System
Price: $847.45
Owners: Ariella Iorio and Wesley Virgin
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Recommended: Yes

Summary statement:
DFYSS is a legit program that gives you comprehensive training on how to set up your Facebook ad campaigns with the tools that they provide to you. This program will shorten your learning curve, and guide you towards making your first affiliate commission.

However, I only recommend this program to people who can set aside an additional budget of $300-500 for Facebook ads.

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If you can barely afford the program, I strongly suggest you do not purchase this. Instead, I recommend you check out my #1 recommended affiliate program, where you can start for free.

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What is Done For You Services System?

Done For You Services System Review

The Done For You Services System (DFYSS) is an affiliate marketing training which teaches you how to promote ClickBank products using Facebook Ads.

They take you through the steps on how to successfully run ad campaigns on Facebook with the tools provided to you.

Who Are The Product Owners

According to an article on Forbes, Wesley Virgin worked as a computer engineer. Although he was earning a decent income, he eventually got tired of the 9 to 5 hustle and bustle and sought out to create a business of his own.

He then got into the fitness and personal development space and made his first million on ClickBank a few years back.

One of his most successful programs is the Overnight Millionaire System, which focuses on developing your mindset to get the success that you want.

Ariella used Wesley’s system to attain some success, and he eventually took Ariella under his wing to teach her everything he knows. Ariella has now generated millions for herself and is part of Wesley’s team.

What Exactly Do You Get In Done For You Services System?

What You Get In Done For You Services System


You get detailed step-by-step training on everything you need to know to set up a successful Facebook campaign.

The key things you will learn here are:

  • How to set up your accounts. You learn how to set up your ClickBank account, your Facebook Business Manager account, as well as creating and activating the Facebook Pixel data to generate data for your campaign.
  • How to target specific audiences to get maximum results.
  • How to utilize existing buyer data (provided to you) to laser-focus your audience targeting.
  • How to implement the landing pages and video ads for your ad campaigns.

Done-For-You Landing Pages and Presell Pages

This is one of the key features of this product. You get high-converting landing pages and presell pages that have already been proven to work.

This is important as many other programs will only teach you how to create landing pages and this may take a long-time with a lot of testing before you finally get it right.

Large Database of Buyer Data

Another important feature of this program is that they provide you the buyer data, which they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in ads to collect through their Facebook Pixel data.

You can upload the buyer data to Facebook to create a lookalike audience for your ads targeting. What this does is you tell Facebook to target an audience who have very high similarities to the people who have already purchased programs like the ones you are promoting.

This eliminates guesswork and reduces ad spend that you normally would need to pay for testing to acquire the right audience to target.

Done-For-You Ad Copies and Videos

One of the most daunting things to do when running ads on Facebook is creating the ads itself because you have no idea what works until you actually put them to the test. In this case, you get ads that have been proven to work.


Upon purchasing the program, you will be given access to their private Facebook group, where you will get support from all the other members there and Ariella herself.

How Much Does Done For You Services System Cost?

The product is priced at $997, but is currently having a 15% discount, which brings it down to $847.45.

What Else Do You Need To Spend On?

Facebook Ads – $300

To really make sure that the system works, you need to have at least $300 set aside for Facebook ads. Most of the time, you need to run the ads for some period of time before you start making sales. The last thing you want to happen is running out of budget before you see results from your campaign.

Clickfunnels – $97 a month

Clickfunnels is a software that lets you create landing and sales pages and basically manage your sales funnel. DFYSS’ landing pages are created on Clickfunnels and they recommend you get an account yourself, so they can easily transfer the entire sales funnel to you. The basic Clickfunnels will set you back $97 a month.

Who is Done For You Services System For?

This product is suitable for complete beginners and affiliate marketers with some experience who want to improve their Facebook advertising results, bearing in mind the additional costs for ads and some tools.

The comprehensive step-by-step training and tools provided to you leaves no room for guesswork.

But if you are just starting out in affiliate marketing with a limited budget, you can probably tell by now this product isn’t for you.

Instead, I would recommend you check out my #1 recommended program that has one of the best training I’ve seen, which teaches you how to generate free traffic to your website. Best of all, you can get started for free immediately to see if the program works for you.


The Good & The Bad

The Good:

The system works

DFYSS uses the Facebook platform predominantly, which is a proven way to make money from affiliate marketing. If done right, this method can be very profitable for you. DFYSS happens to offer one of the best training and tools to help you achieve success.

Done for you tools will save you time and money

With the sales and landing pages, ad copies and buyer data given to you, you can potentially save a large sum of money that you would normally spend for testing and acquiring data. This also cuts down the time it takes for you to get your first sale.

60-day money-back guarantee

The program comes with a generous 60-day money back guarantee if you do not make any sales within that period. This gives you a chance to try it out and see if it really is for you.

The Bad:

You need to set aside budget for ads and additional tools

Again, you need to have a budget of a few hundred dollars set aside for ad spend and Clickfunnels to really see results from this system. If you can barely come up with the money to purchase this program, then I highly recommend that you do not join this program.

You will still need to do a lot of work to put the system in place

This done-for-you system isn’t entirely automated. Most people who purchase programs like this expect everything to be done for them and they do not have to lift a finger to earn money. This isn’t one of those programs. You will still need to go through the training to understand the process and follow the steps to set up your ad campaigns.

My Final Opinion of Done For You Services System

Overall, DFYSS is a legit program and I would recommend it to those who have a reasonably big enough budget to fast track their learning curve.

The training is comprehensive and you get access to Wesley Virgin’s sales funnels which he has spent a fortune developing.

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Is There Another Way To Start Affiliate Marketing If I Don’t Have A Big Budget?

If you do not have thousands of dollars to spend on the DFYSS program and Facebook ads, do not be discouraged.

You can start your affiliate marketing business the way I did, with the training program and platform I’ve used.

It comes with solid step-by-step training, as well as tools such as website hosting and a keyword research platform.

The best thing is you can actually create a FREE account now and build your very own affiliate website.

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Done For You Services System








Value For Money


Income Potential



  • The system works
  • Done for you tools will save you time and money
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • You need to set aside budget for ads and additional tools
  • You will still need to do a lot of work to put the system in place

16 thoughts on “Done For You Services System Review – A Course by Ariella Iorio and Wesley Virgin”

  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. it is my first time to come across done for you service and i am impressed with the review i have gotten. i am trying to explore every means i can as i am going into full time online business

  2. I am really pleased to see a system that can help you with ads on Facebook which will help improve your online business. I have seen some done for you system that doesn’t permit the owner of the site access to the site, they take full control of the site, hope this isn’t like that? Also the training process do this course, is there a video system that can aid easy understanding of the training process?

    • Hi Benson,

      You’ll have full control of your own website. The training is a step by step course which guides how to set up your website and accounts, as well as running the ads. 

      All the best,

  3. Hi! I have been trying to successfully master Facebook ads but up to this point I have been spending quite a bit and haven’t seen results. I have been searching for a good platform to learn more about Facebook ads, but as you have said, most just explain and don’t actually show. And if we could have proven templates that guarantee success, it would be even better.

    • Hey Ann. Yes that’s what I like about this program compared to the other Facebook ads programs. You get the training and all the resources to cut down the learning curve, which can save you a lot of money from testing ads. 

  4. Hello there,thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i must say yes as this is one of the best programs out there although not very expensive but it’s not for everyone as you said it’s for only this that can set aside 300-500 bucks for ads…I would definitely try them out as I want to make more sales this year

  5. This is actually probably a legit system as opposed to other marketing systems that are out there but you need to take into account the other expenses for ads and programs that you need. I think that if you had enough of a budget set aside for learning to earn a living online then this program could work. I would give it a go. 

  6. This review is straightforward and highly informative at the same time. Running facebook ads can be a bit tricky and hence would require a proven system that works to eliminate guesses. I have heard very little about such systems until now. 

    The DFYSS seems like a thorough training. What appeals to me the most is the done-for-you landing pages. From  your review, I can already tell that it is an advanced training. But given my limited budget right now I think perhaps I’ll go with your alternative recommendation  

    Thanks for sharing 

  7. I remember coming across several ads made by Wesley Virgin. After checking out most of the ads, I found that this guy is freaking good. I can’t believe I watched that long video on this very page.

    DFYSS looks truly promising. I have made one ClickBank sale by sharing a link to a landing page promoting a piano course I love so much to different Facebook groups having people with interest in piano. What I am trying to say is, learning to use Facebook ads would be a great way reach out to more audiences interested in what you’re promoting.

    I would have gotten this program but I can’t afford it right. I know I’d be able to afford it not too long from now.

    Regards and thanks for sharing.

    • Hi there. It’s totally understandable. This program isn’t for everyone as mentioned in my review. Perhaps you should try building a business to target organic traffic using Wealthy Affiliate. All the best. 

  8. Hi Joe how to start with Wealthy Affiliate Program, how much investment am I looking at to make some money out of WA. Sorry, a newbie here but researching a lot on AM

    • Hi Saveen. The Premium Account costs $19 the first month and then $49 per month subsequently. This is literally all you need to invest to start a high-income affiliate blog, as all the tools you need are provided to you on the platform. I suggest you check it out by getting a Starter Account for free in the link above. Cheers.


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