Is Five Minute Profit Sites Legit? – The Full Review

If you’ve come across Five Minute Profit Sites and you are wondering if it is legit, then you have come to the right place.

I congratulate you for taking the time to do your research before buying products that just sound too good to be true.

The sales page claims that the product will help you make as much as $519 a day. All it takes is 5 minutes to set it up.

In this Five Minute Profit Sites review, I’ll show you why I think this is a scam and why you should stay away from this product.

Five Minute Profit Sites Review Summary

Name: Five Minute Profit Sites (FMPS)
Product Type: Landing Page Builder
Price: $37 + Upsells
Owners: Unknown
Overall Rank: 13 out of 100

Recommended: No

Summary: Five Minute Profit Sites is a hyped up affiliate marketing product that over-promises and under-delivers. They also tell you it’s absolutely free to join but you end up having to pay for “other services to keep it running.” They have all the characteristics of a scam and I advise you to stay away.

Instead you should always go for courses that are legit and provide a ton of value, with no hyped-up promises and hidden costs.

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What is Five Minute Profit Sites?

The sales video claims that Five Minute Profit Sites is a software that builds a done-for-you website in under 5 minutes and would make a lot of money for you on automation.

You could be making $519 a day to be exact.

And they are going to give you the license to use it for free!

The truth is, these are very unrealistic claims and promises to lure you into signing up for their system.

It has all the characteristics of a scam. Let’s find out why..

How Five Minute Profit Sites Works?

Despite all their outrageous claims, all the system really does is just give you a standard pre-made landing page linked to an email autoresponder to collect leads.

Your job is to drive traffic to the landing page so that people can opt in to your sales funnel.The pre-built landing pageThey provide you the email swipes to send out to your mailing list promote other Clickbank products, and when people purchase anything through your affiliate links, you will make a commission on that.

How FMPS works

Here are the exact steps on how you can expect to make money from this system:

  1. Create a Clickbank account and connect it to Five Minute Profit Sites
  2. Choose a domain name for landing page
  3. Sign up for an email service provider (GetResponse)
  4. Link the GetResponse to FMPS
  5. Drive traffic to your landing page
  6. Make money when you make a sale

But what are they not telling you?

There is nothing unique about this method of affiliate marketing

There is truly nothing special or proprietary about this method of affiliate marketing where all they do is help you build a standard landing page with an opt-in function to collect email leads.

In fact, it is so common that there are tens of other Clickbank products doing the exact same thing, but better!

They are not upfront with the price

The word “free” is mentioned endlessly throughout the sales video.

They promise they will give you the license to use their software for free because you are one of the lucky few who happened to land on their sales page.

All you need to do is pay $37 for hosting services to use their “license”.

The payment screenThis is not how a professional and honest product owner would make a sale.

If this does not scream “SCAM”, I don’t know what does.

Tons of upsells

Paying $37 for their “proprietary software” is just the beginning.

They have three upsells that could potentially make you part with hundreds of dollars more.

Take a look at their sales funnel below.

The Five Minute Profit Sites Sales FunnelUpsell 1: FMPS Faster Profits ($197)

This is a pre-built website in the e-business with additional videos, articles and reviews to make it seem more credible and hopefully get more sales.

Upsell 2: FMPS Double Your Profit Sites ($187 or $137)

This works exactly like the first upsell, but for more niches such as self-help, green energy and weight loss.

Upsell 3: FMPS Traffic Tsunami ($97)

Additional training on driving traffic to your “website”

As you can see, these are just extensions of their front-end product. I can see how it can be tempting to purchase these upsells to make your “website” look better.

Traffic is not done-for-you

Even if you buy into their sales pitch and purchase this product, all you get is a standard landing page that looks like everyone else’s who also bought FMPS.

You will still be left with the biggest task which is to drive traffic to your website.

Getting free traffic is out of the question. There won’t be enough substance or content to rank for keywords under SEO.

Besides, search engines do not like duplicate content. As you will be getting the exact same landing page as the other FMPS members, getting traffic organically from Google and the other search engines will be 100% impossible.

Therefore, you will only be left with the option to purchase traffic, which brings us to the next point..

You need to purchase solo ads to drive traffic to your landing page

FMPS has a training section which teaches you how to purchase traffic through solo ads.

Solo ads is a form of marketing where you pay a person who already has a large email subscriber list in your niche to promote an offer and direct the subscribers to your landing page.

Solo ads traffic have been known to be of low quality as click-through and conversion rates are normally very low.

The main reason is that people on these solo ads vendors’ list are constantly being bombarded by emails, and would have literally seen hundreds, if not thousands, of emails trying to sell them something. Over time, they become desensitized to these emails, something I refer to as “tired traffic”.

On top of that, there are no guarantees that the solo ads you pay for will bring you the traffic. You have no control over what type of traffic you will receive on your landing page (if they are suitable for your niche) or if the clicks are even real!

The “website” does not belong to you

The landing page that the system creates for you is hosted on their website. This means that your domain is owned by FMPS.

You will have zero control over it.

And if ever the FMPS gets shut down, your website goes down with it and you will have no way of recovering or transferring it to another web host.

Hence, it is always important to learn how to get your website and domain hosted on your own, so you always have full control of it.

Is Five Minute Profit Sites Legit?

I consider this product a scam.

Even though they aren’t outright stealing your money, you’re led to believe that the product is free in the beginning but end up having to pay $37 and potentially hundreds more.

This is a classic example of the low quality products that are rampant in the internet marketing space.

The product over-promises and under-delivers what it can do, with a ton of upsells and hidden costs (email autoresponder fees and solo ads costs).

You will not make money by using the Five Minute Profit Sites system.

The only people who will make money from this product are the owners and the affiliates promoting this product.

This is one of the reasons why the product is still popular and heavily promoted, despite it being a scam.

You could potentially be spending more than $500 including all the upsells and the affiliates who promote this product stand to make over $350 from each lead.

I highly recommend you stay away from Five Minute Profit Sites.

What Is Better Than Five Minute Profit Sites?

Despite so many scam products, I still believe affiliate marketing is the best business to make money online.

And there are legitimate programs out there that will help you

My top recommended program is Wealthy Affiliate.

It not only provides you a structured step-by-step training that helps you create a fully-functional and nice looking affiliate website in a few easy steps, it also gives you all the tools you need so you won’t have to invest more money in them.

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Five Minute Profit Sites

$37 + Upsells







Value For Money



  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • They are not upfront with the price
  • Tons of upsells
  • Traffic is not done-for-you
  • The “website” does not belong to you

8 thoughts on “Is Five Minute Profit Sites Legit? – The Full Review”

  1. Hello Joe,

    First of all thank you very much for informing everyone about the Five minute profit sites. I too believe that it’s good to do a background check before starting an online business with any company out there. That Moreover d simply because that if the profit is too high, then there is a higher chance of that it is a scam. And what concerned me the most is how they say that the daily profit could be $519. Anyone with a little to no experience with online business would know that we can never estimate a profit form affiliate marketing like that. It’s all about trafficking and we cannot predict the amount before hand. And if any site asked money even though they mentioned their services are free, they are most probably scammers. Aren’t they?

    Eventhough I personally have not come across Five minute profit sites, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate program. So I can hundred percent guarantee that their affiliate program is legitimate. 🙂

    Once again thank you for this information review Joe.

    • Thanks for your feedback Anjali. Yes, when a product is supposed to be free and yet they charge you for “other services”, this is the first sign that it is a scam. I can’t stress enough that there is no easy money here – you either have to spend your time and effort or lots of money to start making money online. There is no other way to go about it. 

  2. OMG, do I agree 100% with what you’ve said here about how this has all the marks of a scam. So glad you published this review to save any newbies to online marketing the pain of falling for this scam that SO MANY companies are perpetrating on hopeful entrepreneurs. Just think of all the newbies who end up giving up on making money online after having one of these scams be their first experience? It breaks their bank, but more tragically it breaks their hearts. 

    So selfish!

    I know because that was my first ever … and SECOND ever experience with online marketing. I fell for this stupid crap twice because it seemed different, the marketing and packaging so slickly unique for each company, but you discover the same hollow contents. Thank goodness I didn’t let my mistakes kill my determination to figure this online career thing out!

    Now, as an experienced and successful online affiliate marketer myself, to me the dead giveaway this thing is a scam is the fact that the site’s success is dependent on you getting traffic to it that they do not provide for you. Honestly, no such thing exists. 

    For people who don’t know anything yet about making money online, this doesn’t sound at all suspicious though, and these scammers make it seem so reasonable that you should have to spend money on ads for that traffic, convincing you that shelling out the ad cash will guarantee big, responsive traffic. But you’ll go broke that way, the traffic quality will be low, and your page will never rank on the first pages of search engines due to the duplicate content, as you said, and the lack of substance and good keyword skill.

    The other scam red flag is the fact that all of these scammers are always about teaching you how to basically make money by selling the same system you bought into, with no real strong training on how to be successful in the niche you would prefer to work in.

    That’s why I also especially agree with your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate, as I am fortunate enough to be a member of that training community myself. It was just at the moment that I was about to shell out $17000 to that second super slick scammer I got sucked into by his very compelling YouTube ads and “free training,” AWOL Academy, that an article just like this one you wrote opened my eyes to what I was about to fall for, and I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate for free instead. 

    Now, yes, Wealthy Affiliate also shows you how to make money promoting their own premium membership to their site, but the differences between Wealthy Affiliate and the scammers could not be any bigger. There is an ocean of difference! 

    Because of the quality training and wonderful community and technical support expertise I got from WA, I am making money online now with a website all about what I wanted to build a website about: metaphysics and the aura. 

    Plus, I have learned how to market from WA100% for free and I am ranked on first pages in search engines and getting free traffic from organic searches and social media. WA teaches you everything you need to know, and holds your hand all the way, but let’s you know upfront this is not an overnight thing. It took me almost a year to make my first affiliate sale (way longer than the average for most WA peeps of 3-6 months), but it is just taking off from there. 

    WA has changed my life and my future. I hope people take your recommendation because I can assure them that you are really doing them a great service pointing them there instead of to these scammers.

    Thanks for this post,


    • Thanks for your wonderful feedback, Desa. It’s always great to hear from an experienced person within the internet marketing space talk about her experience and all the pitfalls. You are right that there are so many scams out there which causes people to think making money online is a myth. It’s all about having the right start and having the right expectations. I’m glad you’re having so much success with Wealthy Affiliate, as it has helped me build an online business too. 

      All the best and I look forward to hearing from you again!


  3. Thanks, Joe, for the review on Five Minute Profit Sites. I was curious about this system, but you’re right; there are red flags all over it. They claim that it’s free but ends up costing $37 or even hundreds more with the upsells that they offer right after you purchase the $37 system. Also, if you get the Five Minute Profit Sites system with all of the add-ons, the value isn’t there. Thanks for the Wealthy Affiliate recommendation. I’ve been trying to make some money online through affiliate marketing, and Wealthy Affiliate looks like an excellent platform with top-notch tools that allow you to be a professional affiliate marketer. Thanks, Joe, for the insightful review and recommendation!

    • Hey Josh. Yes I recommend Wealthy Affiliate over Five Minute Profit Sites as it is a legit and no-hype program. No promises of quick riches if you do not put in the hard work. And the best thing about it you don’t have to pay a single cent to try it out. 

  4. WOW! Thanks for your very forthright review of this product.

    When I went to the product website tonight all it showed was a message saying something along the lines of SORRY YOU ARE TOO LATE! FIVE MINUTE PROFIT SITES IS SOLD OUT!

    I was curious as to exactly what it is about and checked out several websites covering this product. Amazingly, some of them recommended it with one even mentioning a person could easily make up to $100k per year using this incredible system. lol

    Trying to give the creators the benefit of the doubt… I guess possibly it was intended only to be a way for people to gain experience in driving paid traffic to a landing page.

    Like someone could set up some ppc campaigns or, as you mentioned, run solo ads to drive traffic to their landing page and that is all they need to do.

    Do you think maybe that could be the intention?

    Thanks again! It’s the reviewers like yourself who put honesty above profits who should be the model for everyone doing reviews. I notice you didn’t even link to it at all. I think yours is one of the very few that did not. Even the ones I checked out who did not recommend many linked to it anyway.

    Definitely keep up the great work!

    • I checked the main product website again and it did in fact say that the product is sold out. But when I checked the links used by affiliates, they are still active. This just means that they are solely focusing on business brought in by affiliates. 

      Training on traffic is rather limited so you will be burning cash to learn how to drive traffic. This is not the most efficient way to do it. And there much better programs out there for the price they are charging. 




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