What Is Millionaire Society And Should You Invest In It?

One of the affiliate marketing products that has been around for quite some time now is Millionaire Society.

So what is Millionaire Society and can you really make money from this program?

The video on their sales page claims that you can realistically make as much $700 a day, or $262K a year, by using their turnkey system that you can set up in as little as 15 minutes.

Beyond that, the video doesn’t give much more detail on what the product is or how it works.

So, I would like to congratulate you on taking the time to do your research before going ahead to purchase it.

In this review, you will find out what the Millionaire Society is and if it really is legit.

Millionaire Society Review Summary

Name: Millionaire Society
Product Type: Internet business system
Price: $97/month with ($47/month upsell)
Owners: Mack Michaels
Overall Rank: 1 out of 100

Recommended: No

Overall, Millionaire Society is an outdated internet business system that was created 10 years ago. The fact that it is still one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs on ClickBank is baffling to me.

The video on the sales page is misleading and provides no information on what the turnkey business system is or how it works.

There are also many red flags when I went through the program for this review. The information on the training is outdated and could actually do more harm to your success, while the “turnkey businesses” are just PLR eBooks.

For the price they are charging, one would expect high quality training and done-for-you systems to help you generate a sustainable income. This could not be further from the truth.

All you are paying for are outdated material that probably worked 10 years ago but given how fast the internet marketing industry evolves, is no longer relevant today.

I recommend you stay away from this product despite the money-back guarantee and seek out better programs that will truly help you.

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What is Millionaire Society?

Millionaire Society is a popular affiliate marketing products on ClickBank, one of the largest affiliate marketing network platforms which allow product creators to list their products to sell and affiliate marketers to promote these products.

Millionaire Society is a private membership site which supposedly provides you with turnkey plug-and-play systems that you can set up an online business in as little as 15 minutes.

The owner claims that there are a total of 135 turnkey internet businesses you can set up, with 5 new ones added every week.

This is not true as the content in do not seem to have been updated in a very long time.

How Millionaire Society Works

There are two main methods of making money being taught in Millionaire Society.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Setting up your own website to sell generic products that are done-for-you

Affiliate Marketing

In this section, you will find a short video that teaches you how to create a website to promote affiliate products on Clickbank.

Affiliate Marketing Video

The topics covered in this video are:

  • Deciding on your niche
  • Selecting products from ClickBank to promote
  • Getting a domain name and web hosting
  • Creating a website to promote your affiliate products
  • Getting traffic to your website

As you can see, these are very basic information you can find literally anywhere on the internet for FREE.

This certainly isn’t a done-for-you system that you can set up in 15 minutes and it certainly isn’t worth the $97 a month either.

But let’s take a look at the “turnkey business system” instead.

Turnkey Businesses

Turnkey Business Section

Over here you will find a long list of products from many niches (such as internet marketing, dating, self development and health) that you can set up websites for and sell.

These “done-for-you business” products are actually just generic PLR (private label rights) eBooks that you can put your name on.

They also give you a bunch of files that you can upload to your web host so that, in essence, the website design and content is done for you.

They then have a simple marketing plan to drive traffic through social media to your website so that people can buy “your eBook”.

Another traffic method that they teach is by buying clicks from adf.ly. Adf.ly is a company that creates page pop ups with advertisement where users have to wait 5 seconds before they are redirected to the page they were trying to get to.

Adf.ly traffic is cheap but is extremely low quality as they aren’t targeted at all. The people being shown these advertisements could be completely unrelated to what you are trying to sell. This is as good as pouring your money down the drain!


The training in Millionaire Secrets

The training material are found in the library section which has all the training videos made on various aspects of the business.

These are not structured step-by-step training, but more of a collection of videos they put together randomly.

Again, these are very basic training that you can find on the internet for free. Many of the things covered also seem to be pretty outdated.

How Much Does Millionaire Society Cost?

The product costs $4.95 for a 7-day test drive and thereafter $97/month will be automatically charged to you.

There is an upsell of $47/month to get access to their proprietary software.

Who is Millionaire Society For?

I would not recommend Millionaire Society to anyone.

The training is rudimentary and outdated which I think could hurt your success if used as your main source of information.

The done-for-you business is based on PLR eBooks which just would not sell well in today’s online world as there are a vast amount of information that you can get for free and people are looking for additional value.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:


The Bad:

The sales page and video are vague and contradictory
If you spent the 11 minutes to sit through the sales video on their page, you will have noticed that video is extremely vague and you have no idea what the product is, other than a “turnkey business system”.

The sales video implies that you can earn up to $700 a day using their “fully automated system”, which I do not find to be the case at all. It isn’t really automated as you will still need to create the website and drive traffic to it on your own.

Training is basic and outdated
As mentioned above, a lot of the training in the member’s area is very basic, and most of the marketing strategies are outdated.

Turnkey done-for-you business will not work
By copying the files and codes given to you to create a pre-made website just means that you will have a similar-looking website as anyone else who is also a member of Millionaire Society.

Couple that with low-quality PLR eBooks that you are selling on the website, I can pretty much guarantee conversion will be low and you probably wouldn’t have a good ROI on your money invested in traffic.

Social media profiles have not been updated since 2012
The first indication that an owner is constantly updating the system and reinvesting time and money into his/her business is an updated social media presence. The Millionaire Society Facebook page has not been updated since 2012 and this is a big red flag.

The Facebook page has not been updated since 2012

And here’s a screenshot of their Twitter account, and the last update was also in 2012, announcing their new product “Shortcut Society”.

Millionaire Society Twitter Account

My Final Opinion of Millionaire Society

Overall, I wouldn’t consider Millionaire Society a legit product.

It’s expensive and the owner has not bothered to update the system and content ever since it was created.

For $97 a month, you can get many high-quality training programs and tools that can actually help you

Even though it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, I highly recommend you stay away from this product.

What is better than Millionaire Society

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Millionaire Society

$97/month with upsells








  • None


  • The sales page and video are vague and contradictory
  • Training is basic and outdated
  • Turnkey done-for-you business will not work
  • Social media profiles have not been updated since 2012

30 thoughts on “What Is Millionaire Society And Should You Invest In It?”

  1. Wow, it’s the first time I’m hearing about the millionaire society though I can easily tell that it is not a real platform from seeing the name itself. So, out dated training from ten years ago. I’m wondering why the owners still haven’t packed up yet when they cannot update the training and give good tools. For nothing, it’s is pretty pricey to me. The millionaires society is definitely not a society I’ll want to be a part of. Nice review.

  2. Wow,

    im really glad that I came across your post today as I have learnt about this platform that I didn’t know before. I am one who likes banking in on every opportunity and honestly when there is a chance to make money, I jump on it and I might have been gullible enough to fall for this one. Gladly, I found your review first. Thank you for writing that very well with details. Cheers!

    • Hi John. Glad you found the review helpful. It’s always important to do your research first as there too many products that are just outright scams.

  3. If the owner of this millionaire society can leave the product to be outdated for more than seven years with it attending to it, that shows a lit about the fact that their support is the worst and if anyone were to buy into this system, they should not bother about getting any reasonable level of support from anybody. To be honest, this is really interesting to read on and I would never ever consider to join this outdated platform as this. Thanks for the review

    • Hey Shelley,

      I agree with you that if they cannot even bother to update their products in the last seven years, you really can’t expect much in terms of support. It would appear that the only thing they kept updated is their payment system.



  4. This review is indeed an eyeopener,  I tend to steer clear of the ones with “millionaire” in their name as they tend to make misleading and false claims about abundant riches that can be achieved quickly. I’m way past buying into these type of programs. I’m glad you made it your mission to call these type of programs out with you blog. I can’t believe they charge so much for such low quality products and limited resources. Thanks for sharing 

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It’s always good to be careful of programs that promise quick and huge results and charge you a large fee for it. 

  5. Thank you for your indepth and honest review of the millionaire society, I won’t even recommend platforms like this for anyone. Your review clearly shows that their business strategy is outdated. Am always very skeptical about  joining any of this system that always promise high returns because I don’t want to lose my hard earned money. 

    • Hi Charles,

      Thanks for your feedback. Indeed there are many programs like this one that are just outdated and don’t deliver what’s promised. It’s always important to do a thorough research first before parting with your money.


  6. Thank you for doing a Millionaire Society review, this could save people a lot of time and money, especially as you point out that this particular money making system is over 10 yeare old and a little outdated, amazingly it’s still a number one selling product on Clickbank.  It doesn’t come cheap either at $97 per month I would expect a much more comprehensive training for that money, plus Millionaire Society by it’s very name really! not many people make it into that bracket financially so I agree with you stick to a genuine affiliate marketing platform in Wealthy Affiliate where the value for money is outstanding.

    Did you ever purchase Millionaire Society?



    • Hey Fintan,

      Thanks for dropping by. The reason Millionaire Society is still one of the more popular ClickBank products is the high commission payout. And many people promote products based on the commissions they get without doing proper due diligence. Got to watch out for that!


  7. Thanks for the enlightenment, this article about The Millionaire Society is really informative and interesting. No one would want to invest in an outdated Internet business system because it’ll be a total waste of time and money. Plus, I hate up sells, i like to know ally expenses before stumbling in. Come to think of, a business system with no Pros is just useless. Thank you do the excellent job, its really helpful to me.

  8. Thanks for this review. I think I’m going to stay away from Millionaire Society since there’s no free trial plus I don’t have $97 a month to splash out on a system that’s not even updated frequently and all the training is outdated. I don’t think anyone will make money with this system so thanks for exposing them brother!

  9. I’m glad there is good review out there of bad products as well and not only positive ones. After reading this review of Millionaire Society, I can easily conclude that this isn’t a product to even consider. Expensive as well as outdated, I can’t even imagine why people who are serious about making a online business will even consider this program. Thanks for your heads-up. I’m glad you guided to Wealthy Affiliate as an alternative.

  10. The millionaire society will not make you any money and is something to stay away from. The turnkey businesses do not work. The video is very vague and doesn’t tell you much about what the product is, or how it works. 

    They claims that you can make $700.00 a day are unrealistic and unreachable with their so-called program,which is ten years out of date. The price of $97.00 a month is reasonable, but the data and systems that you get for it are not, the turnkey businesses are simply PLR eBooks.

    The video on their sales page does not give you good guidance and doesn’t explain what the system is, or how it works. They do not give you the high quality training and ready made systems that would enable you to make a good income.

    Their claims that they have 135 turn key businesses, and 5 new ones each week is patently untrue, as they have not updated them in a very long time. The training videos are not specifically made and consecutive but are rather a random collection of videos that they have selected. You can find these videos for yourself on the internet for free, and they are also rather out of date.


    • Hey Trevor,

      Thanks for sharing your experience of Millionaire Society. Yes, it is very outdated and I wouldn’t use it even it was given to me for free.

      All the best in your online business.


  11. I agree that the Millionaire Society is not right one because it cost lot of money and could be scam. BUT the affiliate programs can help the affiliate workers seek the right products to earn more.  Becomeing millionarie won’t solve the problem because it takes a long time to reach the goals.   I suggest that Wealth Affilate (WA) can help you find right product by doing the research and WA can offer the video tutorials for free if anyone join to become member at low cost.

  12. This is a very in depth and comprehensive article I must say. I have once heard about this platform and I quickly realised it that It wasn’t legit because of its name. I went on to research and I found out that It’s expensive and their page has not been updated for a long time just as you have truly said. I’m glad I now know more about this platform and I can now make others know more…..thumbs up for this nice review.

  13. Thank you for your blunt opinion. There is no sugar coating with your review and you get straight to the point. This is the kind of review that is so helpful to ambitious people starting on this industry that will easily buy in to this kind of outdated promises for big online success. I’m not for bashing someone else’s business but you back up everything you have based your review on with strong data and information. Thanks.

  14. This is the first time I have heard about The Millionaire Society.  Just reading what you wrote I wonder if the monthly $97 is told to them up front.  One of the things I have noticed about Click Bank when they put together and advertisement for someone the monthly amount is in very small letters at the end of the ad.  I have begun to really look for the catches in ads.

    The only experience I have had was a school that wanted $3,000 to teach me how to do Drop Shipping.  What a waste of time.  Then there is alway the click Funnel program.  To be honest with you, I still don’t understand what or how it works.  

    Thank you for doing the review.  I do have a question?  Does Clickbank get upset with you when you do reviews on what they are advertising?

    • Hi Bonnie,

      Thanks for dropping by. It’s clearly stated that fee is $97 a month, even at the check out screen before you make the payment. But it’s always good to be careful. 

      ClickFunnels is a website that helps you create landing pages to do your promotions and is actually very useful and easy to use if you’re looking to build these pages. The only down side to using ClickFunnels is the high cost. 

      I don’t think ClickBank should be upset, as my reviews are unbiased and I’m actually helping people make better decisions by doing thorough research for them.



  15. I have heard about millionnaire society, but I’ve not taken my time to do much research about it. Haha, Joe, it was really funny when you said the only thing they kept updated is their payment system, that shows that, it is only the payment they receive that they are interested in. 

    Now that I know so much about it, I’m fore warned, so I’ll be fore armed against joining this programme. Thanks.


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