What Is Super Affiliate System About? Should You Invest In It?

You may know John Crestani, from major media channels, as an affiliate marketer who managed to scale up his business and now enjoy a monthly income of up to $500,000.

Super Affiliate System was created by him to enable others to replicate his success.

In this comprehensive review, I will go through the different components of this product to show you what Super Affiliate System is all about and if you can really get true success if you purchase his product.

Super Affiliate System Review Summary

Name: Super Affiliate System 3.0
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training and System
Price: $997
Owner: John Crestani
Overall Rank: 88 out of 100
Recommended: Yes.

Super Affiliate System is a great training course on paid advertising created by John Crestani, a very successful online marketer. On top of the training, he also provides additional resources you can use, such as ad swipes and presell pages, to get started right away.

However, I would only recommend this product to those who want to start with paid advertising right away. This entails spending quite a lot of money (on top of the price of this course) before you start seeing results.

Therefore, if you are on a stretched budget and would like to pace yourself by building a strong foundation for the affiliate marketing business, I suggest you check out my top recommended training course.

What is Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System (SAS) is a training program created by John Crestani that focuses entirely on paid traffic methods.

The training course systematically goes through the process of creating affiliate campaigns with a step-by-step, over-the-shoulder approach on all major platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Google Ads.

The core skills that the course focuses on are:

  • Copywriting
  • Data Analysis
  • Research

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is one of the top online marketers and is an expert in affiliate marketing.

I first came across his name in an article on Business Insider, which first talked about how he was suspended from his university for selling test answers to every online course from his school using his technical knowledge.

He later got a job at a marketing firm in Los Angeles at 22-years-old. The firm specialized in pay-per-click advertising on search engines. He managed to increase revenue for many companies that he serviced and became a star employee at the firm.

Things didn’t last at the marketing firm and he eventually got into affiliate marketing and became very successful at promoting health products. He claims that his businesses now generate as much as $500,000 of revenue a month.

How Super Affiliate System Works

At the core of SAS is John’s training where he shares everything you need to know about paid traffic.

There are also additional resources and bonuses that are included in SAS such as buyer data to be used for targeting your ads on Facebook Ads, ad swipes and copies and presell pages that you can clone and use for your ad campaigns.

These resources are meant to be utilized concurrently with the training.

The Training

Training Page

The training consists of 15 hours of video content split into 6 weeks, where each week’s training is built on top of the previous week’s training. The course only allows you to do the training in sequence, so you won’t be able to skip any video and risk missing important steps.

A message pops up to warn you that you should do the training in sequence.

Below is a brief overview of what is covered in each week of the course..

Pre-Training Videos

This is more of an introduction to the course, where John explains how the course and his platform works. He also walks you through what affiliate marketing is and the right mindset to achieve success, as well as the importance of goal setting.

Week 1 – The System Setup

The first week’s training walks through the setting up of all the system that you will need to use. This includes:

  • Joining an affiliate network
  • Setting up a website
  • Setting up the presell page either through Clickfunnels or manually
  • Facebook ad setup. This includes ad targeting and ad creation

Week 2 – Google Ads Setup

This walks you through everything you need to know about Google Ads and how to set it up. Specifically, you’ll learn about:

  • Google Ads introduction
  • Google Search Ads setup
  • Google Display Ads setup
  • How to upload a buyer’s list
  • Adwords conversion pixel setup

Week 3 – YouTube Ads Setup

John then moves on to YouTube Ads and similarly walks you through how to set it up. This includes:

  • YouTube Ads introduction
  • YouTube Channel Setup
  • Setting up an ad on YouTube
  • Things to include and exclude in your ad targeting

Week 4 – Advanced Ad Tactics

This week’s training goes deeper into the different strategies and tactics to use when doing your ads. These include:

  • Advanced Facebook ads setup
  • Common Facebook ads mistake
  • How to keep compliant with Facebook
  • Video presentations by a few industry experts on marketing and ads

Week 5 – Presell Pages and Scaling

This week’s training focuses more on presell pages and how to use them to maximize your profits. The content covered are:

  • What are presell pages
  • Split testing presell pages
  • Common presell page mistakes
  • How to scale your profits with affiliate marketing campaigns

Week 6 – Product Selection

If you are looking to promote products from other niches, John walks you through the process of picking the right products to promote. The training covers:

  • Product setup introduction
  • Choosing your niche
  • Finding Clickbank products
  • Finding offers on other affiliate networks

Additional Resources

As mentioned above, John includes additional resources you can use to implement to get your ads campaign started right away. These include email lists of buyers, ad swipes and presell pages that are proven to work. These are supposed to save you time and money from doing tests on new content for your ads.

Resources Page

However, one thing to note is that a lot of these resources are for promoting Super Affiliate System itself, simply because that is what he has used a lot to promote his product.

So if you are looking to promote products in other niches, you may have to create or source them yourself.

Targeting Data

John provides you with actual data of buyers of his own products. There is a list of 150,000 emails that you can upload to Facebook to create a similar audience – people who are proven buyers in this niche. He also provides list in other niches that he has promoted to previously, such as health, survival, diet and skin care.

A word of caution though. These are not email addresses that you can feed into your autoresponder and start sending out emails to because that would be considered spam!

Buyers List and Targeting Data

Ad Swipes

These are materials you can use for your ad campaigns. These include videos, pictures and sales copies that have been tested and optimized for high click-throughs and conversions.

Ad Swipes

Presell Pages

John have created many great presell pages as part of his sales funnel that have been proven to work very well. He highly recommends Clickfunnels, because you can automatically import his presell pages to your own Clickfunnels account without much hassle.

Otherwise, there is a manual method to do it, which just require a little more work.

Presell Pages

The Community

SAS also comes with its own forum where members can discuss various topics.

These are segregated by different topics. There are also discussion forums specific to each week’s training, so members can share their thoughts and problems that they face when going through the course.

The forum isn’t exactly very lively and typically each post would get less than 10 replies.

Coaching Calls and Webinars

John and his team hold a weekly webinar to run through common problems faced by members, as well as answer any questions live.


There are 3 main channels of support for SAS. These are:

  1. Help Desk. There is a search tab you can use to find answers from the discussion areas. Otherwise, you can raise a support ticket.
  2. Email Support. You can also directly send an email to the support team for any issue that you face.
  3. Facebook Group. There is a private Facebook group created for members of SAS. John participates in the group and tries to offer help there as well.

How Much Does Super Affiliate System Cost?

There is a one time cost of $997 to purchase Super Affiliate System.

However, it should be well noted that the money you need to spend to make this work doesn’t stop here. As this is a course on paid traffic, you will need to spend money (potentially a lot) on ads.

You will also need to pay for web hosting. Although this doesn’t cost much, I just wanted to list it here anyway. If you’re looking for a cheap and reliable webhost, please check out my blog on how to start a website.

John also highly recommends you sign up for Clickfunnels to make full use of the resources that he has. That will set you back an additional $97 a month.

Who is Super Affiliate System For?

The SAS course is created mainly for beginners who have bigger risk appetites and are willing to spend more money getting their business off the ground.

Naturally, you tend to see results faster with paid advertising compared with trying to do things organically such as SEO. But the downside to this method is you tend to risk losing a lot of money if you do not pace yourself with your spending or do enough testing to see what works the best.

This course is also suitable for the slightly more experienced affiliates who are getting some traction but want to take their marketing to the next level through paid traffic.

The Good and the Bad

The Good:

John is experienced and legit
John has obviously proven himself to be a very successful affiliate marketer, having made a lot of money throughout his career.

He is also competent and knows his stuff, which is apparent in the training videos.

So just based on that, John would be a very good person to learn affiliate marketing from.

The platform is constantly being upgraded
I find that the website is constantly being improved and fine-tuned to deliver the best value to the members.

SAS was recently upgraded to version 3.0 with a complete makeover in the structure and layout of the website.

The content is also constantly updated.

Good step-by-step training
The training provided in this course are superior and is delivered in a step-by-step way, so you will not be left feeling stuck at any point during the course.

Through the over-the-shoulder training approach, John shows you his screen and where to go exactly or what to click.

This is perfect, as things are always clear and mistakes kept to a minimum.

Useful resources
Again, one of the best things on SAS are the ad swipes and presell pages you can use right away.

These are really useful if you are promoting products in the niche that John has these resources for. These are well-researched and well-tested to work. And they certainly save you a lot of time and money from testing ad swipes and presell pages.

Some niches that are covered are:

  • Make money online
  • Health
  • Skin care
  • Gambling
  • Hair care
  • Credit card debt
  • Bed bugs
  • Diet

The Bad:

No training on free traffic and SEO
One main thing lacking in SAS is that it doesn’t touch on free traffic, such as SEO, at all.

SEO is a big component to a successful affiliate marketing business.

Although it takes time, it will generate you sustainable traffic once you have created enough traction on your website.

The course would have been much better if training on organic traffic is included.

This may not be suitable for those with a limited budget
Let’s face it. If you’re a beginner to online marketing, there’s a very big chance you are only willing to “risk” a little money to test this out and see if it woks for you.

Or it may be the case that, just like me when I started, you do not have a lot money to spend on the business and you want to slowly scale up your business before you start pouring more funds into it.

The price tag for the course is steep. And if you include the money you need to allocate for advertising budget, you may be potentially looking at spending thousands of dollars before you start seeing returns.

My Final Thoughts

Super Affiliate System is definitely legit.

It is a great training course created by one of the top best online marketers and focuses on generating traffic and sales through paid advertising.

If you are the type who wants to get your business going right off the bat and don’t mind investing more money to fast-track your progress, then paid advertising is for you.

In that case, I would definitely recommend you purchase this course.

What if I Don’t Want to Start With Paid Advertising? Is There a Cheaper and Better Alternative?

For those who do not want to start off with paid traffic, but instead would want to learn how to build a strong foundation for your affiliate marketing business, I highly recommend you check out my top recommended product.

This is another great course that provides step-by-step training, with a focus on SEO to generate traffic organically from search engines. It also provides training on paid advertising, although not as in-depth as Super Affiliate System.

It is created with beginners in mind, but is equally good for more seasoned affiliates.

It also comes with superior tools such as state-of-the-art web hosting and a keyword research tool with no additional cost to you.

The community within is also one of the largest and most active ones I have seen. On top of

Best of all, you get to start the lessons and build TWO websites for FREE before you decide if this product is for you.

That is why I highly recommend you check out my review of this product anyway before you decide which one to get.

As always, I wish you every success in your journey to build a successful business!

Leave your comments below if you have any questions or feedback!

Super Affiliate System









  • The platform is constantly being upgraded
  • Good step-by-step training
  • Useful resources


  • No training on free traffic and SEO
  • May not be suitable for those with a limited budget

6 thoughts on “What Is Super Affiliate System About? Should You Invest In It?”

  1. The post is good, very informative. I actually wanted to read every word to see where it was going. Very thorough post. As a review, I think you should not neglect to tell your readers about dedication and hard work that is needed. I think I will try out the super affiliate system when I have enough resources to go in. I think for now I will stick to what I have till I can maximise. Thanks for the heads up…I learnt something.

    • Hey Jackson. Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you found the review useful.

      Yes, it definitely should go without saying that dedication and hard work is required to achieve success in anything you do, and not just affiliate marketing.

      And if anyone can promise you success without putting in any effort, they are most likely promoting a scam product.

  2. John Crestani is like many other internet marketing gurus I have researched in my quest to learn and build a successful affiliate marketing business. Most of them do offer good training but they require you to pay a large amount of money for that training. Some may think it is worth it but I know of just as good training for far less money available on the internet.

    I have seen many claim that SAS is a scam, as they have of other platforms like it. Though some are, others like this are not. People looking to get into affiliate marketing see big money numbers being thrown out there by the owners and think they can do that too. When they follow the training and fail, they claim that the program is a scam.

    All forms of internet marketing require hard work, but not all approaches have to cost so much money. This is why I didn’t join SAS or any other high-ticket training program. I decided to not risk so much money in the beginning and take things slow by learning SEO and getting free traffic through the search engines. I personally feel this is better for beginners.

    • Hi Robert. What you have said is absolutely spot on.

      Courses like this require you to spend a large amount of money to make it work. This includes money needed for paid traffic. And you don’t always achieve results as easily as they make it seem.

      We should always use our judgement and common sense to see if a product is legit. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Hard work is always a prerequisite for success. 

      I agree with you that taking things slow in the beginning to build a solid foundation is instrumental for success. SEO is one of them.


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